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Academics module takes care of everything that is central to learning, education, and teaching. For example: courses and configuration, syllabus patterns, core & elective subjects, different evaluation methods, monitoring, mentoring, projects, practicals, tutorials and many more. Academics is supported with an easy and collaborative Content Management System through which faculty can share educational content, manage projects & assignments, handle notifications, conduct quizzes etc.


It's a well-integrated module that empowers every faculty with powerful tools that help them efficiently manage their work. These tools include academic calendar, planning, scheduling, course file, mentoring, practicals, projects, time-table and many more.


Admissions module effectively manages admission through merit, entrance exam or a government regulated agency. It automates courses, intake for each course, no. of shifts, seat division, eligibility, merit and merit per se, fee structures, revisions, concessions and sponsorship on fee for different category of students, admission cancellation policies, late fee policy and integration with finance module.


The Exam module manages exam-related tasks at various levels. It fits very well with a university examination system, an autonomous set-up, internal exams for an affiliated institute and concurrent assessments for institutes, colleges, schools, pre-primary and kinder garden classes. The configuration of examination module covers various exam related duties, moderation schemes, result format, exam cycles etc. All exam processes such as exam centers, assessment centers, question paper setting, question paper disbursement, exam scheduling, invigilation, result compilation, reevaluation, mark sheets generation etc. are duly provisioned for.


Placements module effectively manages the entire campus placement process. It takes care of job postings, walk-ins, registration of eligible students, placement event handling, career guidance, pre-screening, testing and many more.


Attendance is a wholesome module that integrates and automates various attendance keeping methods including muster, attendance entry, login-based, biometric-based, barcode-scanning attendance and others.


Growth and learning is impossible without doing research. It's an important factor for any institute to grow and standout. This module takes care of research projects, publications, conferences, journals, patents, copyrights, Ph.D. preparation and more.


Performance module takes complete care of performance and appraisal management. This includes 360 degree appraisal incorporating self-appraisal, peer appraisal, subordinate and superior appraisal and can be configured as per the requirements of the organization. It also offers standard academic appraisal templates and configurable performance indicators, grading parameters, appraisal schema designs, competency vs. goal setting and reporting.


Project based learning is key to students' acquiring fundamental skills including teamwork, problem solving, research gathering, time management etc. This module helps students to develop projects, get mentorship, experienced guidance, idea sharing, sell/buy projects and many more.


Planning and scheduling is of utmost importance for goals to be completed in time. This module comprises of powerful tools including personal planner, academic planner, financial planner, placement planner, event planner, reminders, emailing, sending SMS, scheduling, to-do lists, reporting, and others.

Course File

Course File shelters all constituents required for setting up and managing course syllabus. It includes academic calendar, lesson plan, delivery report, assignments, tests, question banks, subject notes, attendance and more.


Feedback forms a key ingredient of any successful system. This module includes academic-specific feedback, customizable evaluation parameters, flexible key process areas, grading, and more.


Event management requires quite a lot of micro management. This module automates keys tasks such as planning, event designing, participation, logistics, committees, announcements, meetings, budgeting, expenses, resource allocation, sponsorships, printing, registration, attendance, awards, summaries, feedback, press coverage, media, reporting etc.


This module helps forming committees for execution of various tasks. It effectively manages and executes a task through committee formation, selection of external/internal members, organizing meetings, organizing events, duty allocation, budget making, expenditure reporting and others.


Worksheet precisely lays out the details of activities performed by an individual. This is important to monitor as well as evaluate the contribution a person makes to the institute. This module includes daily worksheet, on-duty reporting, goal-mapping, monitoring and control, effort calculation, reporting and more.


Profiling of faculty and students is of very high importance at an academic set-up. Faculty's profile comprised of compiled reports on publications, research, patents, subject expertise and other contributions can obtained by the click of a button using this module. Similarly, student profile can also be easily extracted.


This module maps all physical infrastructures and automates its allocation, utilization, booking etc. thereby ensuring effective utilization, reduced downtime and ease of access. This module integrates buildings, rooms, laboratories, hostels, canteens, offices, medical facilities, gaming facilities, reporting and others.


Library is one of the most crucial departments in every educational institute. This module takes care of books/journals/CDs/DVDs/magazines management, membership management, catalog management, Online Public Access Control (OPAC), Book Bank Management, transactions, digitization, auditing, reporting and other library functions.


Hostel, a core component of an institute's infrastructure, is well managed and monitored via this module. It takes care of hostel functioning, dormitory allotment, permanent/temporary allotment, night-out applications, grievance management, mess/canteen management, billing, accounting, reporting and more.


Managing transport can be complicated without a system in place. This module includes fleet management, vehicle & driver allocation, route management, document renewal, trip management, maintenance & spare parts management, stocking, tracking, finance support, logistics, reporting and other related functions.

Human Resource

Human Resource module is amalgamation of all the recruiting, training, and on-boarding related activities. It helps take care of roaster, advertisements, marketing, reservations, applications, scrutiny for eligibility, interviews, grade pays, appointment orders, reporting and more.

Office Management

Office Management module looks after multiple tasks, ranging from muster, roaster, service book, leave accounting, salaries, fee to inward/outward, documentation and other activities.


Inventory module automates movement of items, procurement management, stock management, distribution, inventory control, reordering, EOQ, reporting, and more.


Asset module takes care of movable institute assets like furniture, hardware, software and automates related tasks such as maintenance, insurance, AMC, allotment, usage, acquisition, reporting etc.


Purchase module automates vendor management, letter of intent, quotation, purchase order, invoicing, delivery challan generation, bill payments, receipts making, reporting and other related activities.


Resource scheduling helps you schedule various kinds of resources in a clean, automated and optimized manner. It takes care of resource availability, requirements, allocation, utilization, conflict management, reporting and others.


GEMS Finance module offers Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Expense Management in an integrated manner across the organization and sets up approval chains vertically and horizontally as per the specific business requirement. All calculations of expenses and income from each module like exam, placement, any event, admissions, purchase etc. is integrated with the finance module and offers a complete and comprehensive solution to financial transactions of any form.

Salary and Tax

Making a custom and smart salary structure is of utmost importance. This module takes care of all salary components including grade pay, basic, HRA, gross pay, arrears, deductions, arrears, tax savings, salary slips, pay roll etc.

Online Test

On-line test module maintains question banks, can set objective/subjective question papers with random or fixed questions. It provides the flexibility of defining sections, categories, sectional cut-offs, marking patterns, negative marking, per question or overall timing & marks etc.


It is a powerful content management system (CMS) for storing, publishing, editing/modifying, organizing, deleting, sharing content in various formats to manage workflow in a collaborative environment. The CMS is given as a plug-in to all modules for uploading relevant documents from the source.

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NASSCOM Social Innovation Honors 2014 (By Raghuram Rajan - Governor, Reserve Bank of India) Frost & Sullivan India ICT Award - "Product Innovation Leadership-Enterprise Applications" 2014 Won IBM Global Entrepreneur Program for Cloud Startups Applications 2014


State-of-the-art software solution for small and big educational institutes.

With an unquestionable vision to build a state-of-the-art and highly malleable software solution for educational institutes, GEMS came in to existence in 2010.

Built in India, and a product of PERNIX TECHNOLOGIES Pvt. Ltd., GEMS is now a widely used and implemented solution serving many renowned educational institutes across the globe.

GEMS' team, with capable and experienced veterans in the academic domain, pursue to blossom this educational solution in to a recognized and valued one-stop shop for all academic needs.

GEMS can promptly help your eductional institute to govern, communicate, manage, organize, monitor, measure, report and analyse all of your day-to-day academic operations.


Profound fondness and love from our caring users.

GEMS - Solution has a great degree of fitment in addressing our specific needs. One of the main reasons for choosing GEMS was the robustness of the system and the flexibility it offered to suit our business needs, especially as unique and as complex as ours, compared to other solutions in the market. The teams service, implementation and support go beyond the terms of the agreement-in-writing as the approach has been as if we are partners in business.

Shrikant Taware
Head Of Section, EBusiness Administration - Oman

The most significant improvements came from the solution's automated workflow features along with quality service and a very responsive team. Your team has done an excellent job in meeting the extremely aggressive timeline for our project. We are highly pleased with your performance and realize that you have worked round the clock, including weekends, to make this happen for us.

Humayun Mulla
IT - Head & Coordinator, Vishwaniketan iMEET

After a failed attempt at ERP our organization was a little gun shy. GEMS Solution and Team helped implement a solution that fit our business needs. It streamlined all critical processes and became catalyst to our growth. Under the extraordinary time constraints they quickly grasped the situations and automated critical processes. Their ability to comprehend our business, their unprecedented availability and quick response time to solving problems and presenting creative solutions is their forte.

Prof. Hemant Diddee
ERP Head - RCOEM Nagpur

GEMS has taken governing of academics to a whole new level. It has radically simplified education, research and other related activities. I'm now able to get more things done in much lesser time, thus giving me the freedom to focus more on core areas.

Prof. Atul Nikam
Professor, Pharmacy College

Of all the ERPs we evaluated, GEMS is the only one which goes beyond usual hostel and transportation management. I was looking for one which would work as per my existing processes, and not one which needs me to re-engineer my processes, and I found GEMS.

Prof. Poonam Nikam
NBA Consultant

The portal is extremely useful. It not only reduces manual work but there is complete full stop to duplication of work. It is convenient for the students as they can register for companies at any place and any time as at placement cell we work round the clock.

Prof. Sangeeta Birje Patil
Training and Placement Office for Management Institute

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